PRESS RELEASE: Local Band Smokeout: A Global Grassroot Platform for Musicians

Updated: Nov 14

Local Band Smokeout, established in 2014 is the brainchild of BG Goodrich, what started as a random thought has grown to become its own global entity. In a technological age where listeners are bombarded via a saturated market, BG has enabled a pathway for Grassroots musicians, to reach like minded peers and prospective fans. He has created a community that sees viewers from all corners of the earth come together in a musical harmony, not only that, he did it with a complete diverse stance, everyone irrespective of genre, location or language is welcome.

2021 has seen the community expand, to keep up with demand, additional streams have been added in to the Los Angeles based American Series, currently showing four dedicated weekly streams, along with ad-hoc Charity or novelty events. The Streaming Series has recently welcomed two offshoot shows; Local Band Smokeout: Canada and Local Band Smokeout: Australia, whilst retaining all of the principals of the Parent Series, these two are time specific to their local viewers, making accessibility easier for musicians and fans.

Across an approximate three hour period, BG and his co-host Lloyd Ratalsky, play local music from supporters, submissions and recommendations. With a minimum of one guest interview per stream, whether a band, individual musician or local promotor, there is always a chance to network, learn and collaborate. The community vote each stream for their favourite track of the day, the winner progressing to a tournament of sixteen bands, with the winner taking home a prize package from LBS and their sponsors.

With the Series becoming the success that it is, its easy to forget how it all started, a random thought; ‘how cool would it be to jam bands music whilst having a smoke’? Pitching the idea to his band mates, with some thinking it was the worse idea ever, two of them saw its potential and helped BG shoot the first couple of episodes, the rest as they say is history.

An additional element to the Series, is the ability to have a song or album reviewed and critiqued. With a wealth of knowledge from years of industry exposure, and an Associate of Science Degree in Recording Arts, BG ensures a musician is given a thorough and informative review, to credit and help develop an artist’s craft.

No one is ever forgotten within the family unit of Local Band Smokeout and this is extensively shown within the package that is offered to all monthly supporters. Whilst most streaming brands offer a ‘Top Fan’ badge for a social media profile, LBS offer a guarantee of an artist’s music being played on the streams once a week, including the two new off shoot shows. With heavy discounts on wait skip fees for reviews, access to supporter private groups and supporter only giveaways. The ability to join the show as a Co-host is an extreme rarity but one that LBS embraces, this gives a supporter the chance to review bands alongside BG, whilst chatting directly with special guests, allowing valuable feedback from veterans of an ever-changing industry. A noteworthy aspect offered, is none other than BG’s personal phone number, if a supporter wishes to chat one on one about music, advancing opportunities and growth, he is there for them.

The accessibility for a musician to get their product into the hands of an entertainment hungry population has never been easier, but sadly it has also never been harder. As the digital age has opened streaming services to a music lover, it has removed the need to have a Mainstream Label in order to get your music heard globally. It has also meant the chances of your track being swallowed up in the endless void of Spotify and Apple Music playlists is larger, with an unhealthy amount of funding placed into those larger musical acts, once again tipping the scales of availability for local bands to be seen.

Local Band Smokeout has helped bridge the gap by ensuring that only local, grass roots music is played on their show, be it via audio or a visual track. For all of those bands and musicians that need a little help or promotion, this is a home away from home.

In a faceless industry where music is repetitively churned out, Local Band Smokeout has put the belief and soul back into the Grassroot local music scene.

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