Music seeps through the soul of Elle Jay, from songwriting and performing, to writing and reviewing, there's not a moment that doesn't include the sultry tones of a guitar and bass.

Growing up in Manchester, England music was never too far away, her Grandfather, a Jazz trumpeter, her Aunt a classical pianist and Father played in various blues and rock groups.  Originally staring in classical music as a Flautist, she switched to Indie and rock in her teens after finding a musical love for the guitar. Moving to New Zealand and then Australia, the guitar was always there but something was missing, four years ago she listened to the calling, she picked up a bass and hasn’t looked back.

Elle Jay has played a variety of genres as a session bassist from blues, rock, Metal, punk and folk.  Her main love is blues rock which is apparent in her own songwriting.

In 2020, global events ceased all touring, Elle Jay turned to writing and content creation, despite being dyslexic she became a published writer, reviewer and has interviewed some of the music industry's top names.  Taking pride in attacking the piece she is writing from a musicians perspective, she ensures that the music is front and center.

Currently living in Perth, Australia, the live music scene has resumed an element of normality, allowing a return to live reviews and Production Management for Elle Jay.